PEACE OF MIND RECORDS ARE BACKED UP DAILY! It's very important for us to backup records on a daily basis, records that are confidential. With Cbeyond I have peace of mind that the records will be backed up daily. I've never had a problem with any type of back up for our computer systems. REMAIN CONNECTED TO OUR CLIENTS!!! We are extremely information driven and our equipment is specialized with zero defect. With Cbeyond as well as the bundled package with mobile, I'm connected to the office. We can forward our phones so we never miss a call. With the VPN we can work from residence so you'll be able to access your files quite securely and safely. With the e-mail, it makes it possible for us to often remain connected to our clients any time of the day or night. Call Cbeyond today at 866-424-2710 or visit us at!