CBEYOND'S RELIABLE VOICE AND DATA NETWORK!! We began leveraging Cbeyond's reliable voice and data network, and now we have progressed to more IT applications. We are excited about the new Virtual Receptionist product because it will free us up to focus on other business needs, while making our business look more professional to our clients and prospects. PEACE OF MIND WE DIDN'T HAVE!!!! Since the installation, I don't know of any incidence we've had where we've lost telephony. So I would say that the move to Cbeyond was a good one. I think having Cbeyond providing our telephone service has given us a certain peace of mind that we didn't have with our previous vendor Cbeyond provides phone, high speed Internet, and IT services to small businesses in major cities across the U.S., including Miami. Call Cbeyond today at 866-424-2710 or visit us at www.Cbeyond.net!