I don't know why but i really don't like Niou Masaharu in manga/anime..(-.-")..i really don't like him! Maybe he like teasing people a lot with his tricks~..demo saa..(1)Nakagauchi Masataka : Masa really makes me start to love Niou!! XDD~ He makes a cute Niou in musical! I don't know how to describe it,but i feel he really makes a really great job in portrayed a CUTE-FUN-FUNNY Niou with his own style..and i always admiring his dancing! Yes he is a great dancer..his dancing that i like most in musical is in 'Petenshi Daa? Nan to Demo ie' song along with his buddy,Ba-chon (Dream Live 5th)..while being a great dancer on stage,he is truly a funny person on backstage! Ahhh~ i really like watching him and other Rikkai member's pun! V(^O^)V! Arigato Masa,for makes me love Niou! Owh,since Masa is older than me,could i call him Onii-chan? XDDDD!~..(2)Wada Taisuke : Also an alternate cast that take turn played Niou role with Masa..i really like to see him in every backstage that contain Rikkai National Members..he doing good in acting especially in funny part..Mmmm~ Peanut!!! XDDDD~ ||Mood : Overprotected by Britney Spears||