DONE!!!! it take more than a week to finish it...hahah..wellllll, i'm a lazy lazy person...furthermore, it takes me more than 1 hour to edit the cloth..that a proof that i'm not creative and innovative....huhuhuuuu... i like this pic most! u can say anything..blablabla...but still i like this the most!!!! \/(n_n)\/ The story : Sora is Ryoma sister..Fuji and Sora were friend since their childhood..Sora was live with her Auntie (Nanako's Mother) at Japan until her age was 7..after that, she follow Nanjiroh and Rinko to America..but she always contact Fuji and knows about Seigaku Tennis Club's development..she back to Japan with her family, and going to Sheisungakuen..she was same class with Fuji and Eiji..she also close with Ai, Mio and Hinata..she is lovely sister, and she doesn't like to see Ryoma get hurt by anyone, and always protecting her little brother! She used to play tennis, and always beat Ryoma in match..but know she is going under rehabilitation due to her injury at her leg.. Re-edit Fuji Syusuke Sora pic was originally Sawaii Hitomi, own by ChibiPuchiha! =) Daaadaaadaaaaaaaa.....♥~