||Original was Sakura|| actually,Ririn surname "Haruka" was created around 2001 if i'm not mistaken..its the year where anime Digimon was broadcast in Malaysia (please correct if i'm mistaken the year..^^)..and actually, that "Haruka" was originally my OC's Digimon name..and yup, i had draw that Haruka but it was lost when i and my family have to moved due to my father's work..i remember that she has dark blue hair and she wearing a blue outfit..and if you want to know,"Haruka" is a combination of my name!!! (n_n)..and i have use it until now..when i search for the meaning in japanese,it means "far away"..i thought that its had no meaning..huhu..[i had draw Mimi and Sora from Digimon adventure and i still keep it! that was my first drawing that i keep until now! ^^]